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33 Things Everyone Who Went To High School Will Understand


1. High school romance:

2. Studying:

3. Hearing a teacher say "I'll wait."

4. Seeing your friends in their class.

5. When the teacher sends you to take something to another room:

6. Getting called on in class:

7. The biggest victory of seventh period:

8. Due dates:

9. Asking to go to the bathroom.

10. Age differences:

11. When you get your seat assigned next to your best friend:

Or the opposite happens:

12. When your classmate reminds the teacher you had homework:

13. Writing the date on your assignments right after the new year:

14. Learning this invaluable lesson:

15. When your phone goes off in class and everyone looks at you:

16. Teenage boys:

17. When you have to get into groups, but you have no friends in that class:

18. When the teacher makes eye contact with you in class:

19. Teacher butt:

20. When your teacher says, "We have four minutes left of class! Just enough time to cover this last topic."

21. When you're trying to meet the minimum word count on an essay:

22. When you're in bed and you realize you have homework:

23. Studying for tests:

24. When you are struggling to stay awake in class:

25. When you get to leave school earlier than everyone else:

26. Opening up a textbook and seeing a name like this:

27. When you smell weed in the hallway:

28. This happening:

29. When you see that the teacher made a mistake on the board:

30. The progression of the school year:

31. The only math lesson you ever truly needed:

32. When you get away with a wrong answer on a test:

33. Every time the teacher asks for a volunteer:

And realizing you haven't actually learned anything: