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56 Things Built Under The Kardashian/Jenner Empire

Some have lived, some have died, but they all deserve a spot in Kardashian/Jenner history.

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Hello, everyone. I've gathered you all here today to talk about a very large family that you might be familiar with: the Kardashians/Jenners. Specifically, all of the companies/franchises/shows/products that this family has their hand in.

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BTW, this list doesn't include random product endorsements, Instagram posts, or modeling. So even though Kim Kardashian has been a spokesperson for Sketchers Shape Ups, that isn't included here. Oh, and I probably missed some stuff because even though I'm a fan, I'm not a wizard (I WISH). So please add anything you might know about in the comments!


2. Kimsaprincess eBay store: Kim's eBay store, now used for charity.

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Current business status: CLOSED! Back in the day Kim Kardashian was a professional closet organizer and used to sell things from the closets that she organized on her eBay store. One of the people whose closets she organized was Paris Hilton, also her then-best friend. Now the eBay store is used to auction off stuff for charity.

4. The Dash Stores: A boutique clothing store chain owned by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian, founded in 2006.

6. Kendall + Kylie: Kendall and Kylie's clothing line for Topshop released in early 2016.

Current business status: OPEN-ISH! There's no collection available at this very moment. But if i had to make an educated guess, I'd say there will be another.


10. Getting Ready With Kendall & Kylie Jenner: Kendall and Kylie's webisode series with Gillette in 2012.

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Current business status: CLOSED. The two were named creative directors for this series. You can still watch online though!


13. Kardashian Khaos: A Kardashian souvenir shop inside the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Vegas, which opened in 2011.

Current business status: CLOSED! One Yelper wrote this in a review:

"I'm not sure what I was expecting to find here, but it was in my hotel so I decided to check it out. However, what I did find was certainly not what I expected, lol. If you have always been wanting a beach towel with Khloe Kardashian's face on it, then look no further!! Or if you've been wanting a shirt that says, "Kourtney is my fave" .. you now know where to find it! OH and it's back to school season.. get your metal lunch boxes with Kendall Jenner's face on it now! Kendall not your fave? Don't worry, they've got Kylie too!"


15. Kardashian Kollection: Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim's clothing line.

Current business status: OPEN-ISH. Sears was carrying the brand, but last year they stopped. Now you can find Kardashian Kollection stuff being sold elsewhere in lower quantities.


18. Kardashian Beauty: Line of beauty products by Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney.

Current business status: OPEN! Self-explanatory, but I'll explain anyway: It's the Kardashian line of beauty products.

19. Kim Kardashian Fragrance: Kim's perfume line from 2009–2014.


Current business status: CLOSED! There were a bunch of different scents, but the website no longer allows you to purchase them. Sad. I suppose you could find them somewhere on the vast internet if you really want them though.

20. Kylie Hair Kouture: Kylie Jenner's extensions, which launched in October 2014.


Current business status: OPEN! And if you want to have Kylie-inspired hair, it will cost you everything you have.


22. Kendall + Kylie Madden Girl: Collaboration with Steve Madden, released in 2014.

Kareem Black for Steve Madden / Via

Current business status: CLOSED! You missed the boat on Kendall and Kylie shoes; as this all went down in 2014.

23. Kardashian Kolors by OPI: A nail polish line collaboration with Kendall, Kylie, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé that launched around 2011.

27. Kardashian Kard: A prepaid debit card that hit the market in 2010.


Current business status: CLOSED. Honestly, this is a travesty. But high card fees and criticism of the card led to its demise not too long after it launched.

29. BG5: The girl group managed by Rob Kardashian (and Kris Jenner).

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Current business status: CLOSED. Or maybe just inactive? They haven't released or done anything since 2013. Shame.

33. K-DASH: Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé's QVC Line, which launched in 2010.


Current business status: CLOSED but kinda still OPEN. It ~exists~, but nothing new is being made currently. The leftovers of the line are still available to purchase though, if you can find anything in your size.

37. Bruce Jenner Aviation: Caitlyn Jenner's aircraft-selling company.

Current business status: Seemingly CLOSED! I got a permanent bounce-back from the only email address available to contact. But in 2006 it was still active, as evidenced by this interview with Jenner about the company.

39. JennerNet Software Systems: Caitlyn Jenner was the president of business development at this company, which produced software for staffing agencies.


Current business status: CLOSED, I think??? There's barely a trace of the company online now, save for this one article about Jenner's involvement from 2000. So...tbh I'm kinda unsure about the status. Maybe it's called something else now? Forgive this cliffhanger.

40. "Jam (Turn It Up)" by Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian's 2011 pop song.

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Current business status: OPEN FOREVER. Honestly, this song is a jam indeed. Hopefully Kim goes back to the studio sometime. 2011 was clearly a great year.

Anddd we can't forget the very creatively named corporations of the family members:

51. KimsAPrincess Inc.: The corporation of which Kim Kardashian is the president.

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Current business status: OPEN! They license out her stuff. And yes, it's the same name as her eBay account.

56. And last but not least: Jenner Communications — Kris Jenner's management and production company.



In conclusion: Seems like they do a lot of nothing.

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