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Holy Shit, These Are The Selfies Kim Kardashian Was Taking When She Drove Khloe To Jail

I've been waiting YEARS for this.

Unless you're literally Brendan Fraser's character from Blast From the Past and have recently come to the surface of earth after hiding in a nuclear fallout shelter for 40 years, you should be familiar with this iconic moment from Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

Yes, it was the unforgettable car ride to drop Khloe off at jail in which Kim decided to take selfies, and Kris is like, "YOUR SISTER IS GOING TO JAIL!!! STOP TAKING SELFIES!!!"

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If you're like me, you probably haven't been able to sleep since 2007, wondering what happened to the selfies that Kim took. Or more so, how the lighting was.

Well, ladies and yentlemen, turns out that on May 9 of last year (which also happens to be my bday, nbd), Kim said that she found all the selfies she took that day in the car.

And, because sometimes the world is not such a bad place, recently she actually shared some of those selfies on her website. AND HERE THEY ARE. ARE YOU READY???

Kim taking a selfie in the car while her sister was going to jail #1:

Kim taking a selfie in the car while her sister was going to jail #2 (featuring the jailgoer herself!):

Iconic. Amazing. I can die happy now.