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    These Are The People That Exist In The "A Star Is Born" World And The People That Apparently Don't

    There is no Gaga in this place.

    Alec Baldwin exists (he hosts the SNL episode Ally is on)

    But Lady Gaga Doesn't exist, because she's Ally.

    Halsey exists, we see her present a Grammy.

    But Bradley Cooper doesn't exist, because he's Jackson.

    Hamilton doesn't exist...

    ...because Anthony Ramos is Ramon (Ally's best friend) and not one of the original cast members of the musical.

    Everyone on SNL exists (presumably, once again, cause Ally was on SNL...

    ...but Dave Chapelle doesn't exist cause he's George "Noodles" Stone.

    Marlon Williams, the real-life singer who played himself as the replacement singer at the Grammys, exists...

    But Shangela, iconic drag queen, doesn't exist, cause she's just a random MC at a drag bar.

    Brandi Carlile exists, we saw her duet with the Marlon guy at the Grammys...

    ...but drag queen Willam doesn't exist, she's just a fan who gets Jackson's autograph on her boobs.

    Greg Grunberg plays Jackson's driver Phil...

    ...which means Greg Grunberg doesn't exist, and if Greg Grunberg doesn't exist then Heroes can't exist and if Heroes doesn't exist, does Hayden Panettierre even exist!?!?!

    Charlie the dog exists.

    But the real-life Charlie dog doesn't exist because Bradley Cooper doesn't exist, and since Charlie is Bradley's real dog, then Charlie can't exist therefore he's not REAL. BOO!!!!

    Oh well, still obsessed with whatever world this movie takes place in.