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    There Actually Is An Original "Ignition" That Isn't The Remix

    I wish I didn't know about it to be honest.

    Obviously you know "Ignition (Remix)" and if you don't I feel bad for you and the life you are living.

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    For centuries the "remix" part of the song has been in question. Remixes are like songs that went walking through the mall and then stopped to get a free makeover at the MAC counter. But this song seemingly ONLY had a remix. What the heck?!?

    That is until NOW (or maybe earlier if you've known about this). This is the original "Ignition." NOT THE REMIX.

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    At the end you can even hear that he was saying he usually doesn't do this, but he's going to give us a preview of the remix. Then the song ends where the remix that we know and love begins.

    It's a beautiful story really, and the moral of it is that we should be very thankful for "Ignition (Remix)" and never question it again.