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The 14 Worst Hats Justin Bieber Has Ever Worn

An official ranking.

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13. The Beanie:

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Unless this hat keeps your head warm when it's cold and cold when it's warm (like Uggs!), there's no need for this hat. Also it's on all flipsy-flopsy, so that's worrisome.


11. The Big Red:

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I'M STILL HOLDING YOUR HAND. I understand the fear you are feeling because like me, you are now realizing there are three baby squirrels living under this hat.

10. The Big Red 2:

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This is actually a different giant red hat, which is confusing! This one sits just barely on his head so that like all heads, if it grows rapidly and you have no time to change hats, it's not a problem.


7. The Yellow Monster Part 1:

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N-E-F-F. It's an acronym: Never Eat French Fries. They will make your brain swell to extreme amounts, which will cause GHS (giant head syndrome) and you'll be forced to wear this hat as punishment.

1. AND THE WINNER: The Yellow Monster Part 2:

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The winner, of course, was this hat. It made grown men cry and little girls poop their pants. If there was a reason for World War 3, this hat would be it.


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