The 38 Most Enlightening Things Michael Scott Ever Said

    Michael Scott, a gentleman and a scholar.

    1. Michael Scott knew things other people didn't know...

    2. And he had insight into the true correlation between butt size and heart size:

    3. He made this point:

    4. And spoke this simple truth:

    5. His words were profound, like Socrates.

    6. He spoke wisdom about his theory of leadership...

    7. On superstition:

    8. And spoke these words about equality...

    9. Because really, we're all the same...

    10. He taught us what friendship is really made of.

    11. He spoke with grace.

    12. And honestly, he knew things.

    13. Like what the world would be like if a baby ruled it.

    14. His knowledge went even further, though, to pimples...

    15. The genius of Wikipedia:

    16. And of the goodness of porn.

    17. These words will echo in my brain forever.

    18. He knew the true spirit of Halloween.

    19. And found the deeper meaning of everyday things.

    20. And his confidence was awe-inspiring.

    21. He was a leader for men.

    22. And knew more about human relationships than those who study it.

    23. Michael Scott once said that pedophiles just CANNOT WIN AGAIN.

    24. And that wasn't the only thing he was right about.

    25. He enlightened us about joke-telling...

    26. The uplifting effects of ice cream...

    27. And used a reasonable analogy to prove grief can be good.

    28. No one understood more what it means to think before you speak.

    29. And that you can't force things.

    30. You should never do anything, ever.

    31. But if you do, do these three things:

    32. He lived in a YOLO world.

    33. And knew when to enjoy his life.

    34. Michael also knew the secrets of living.

    35. He inspired with his words.

    36. He was evolved.

    37. So remember, Michael was a wise, wise man.

    38. In conclusion: