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The 15 Weirdest And Craziest Moments From Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance

Extremely difficult to narrow down, but it had to be done.

1. When she came out and straddled this giant robot bear:

2. When she crawled down the stairs with her tongue out:

3. When she played with her invisible hair:

4. When dozens of lonely looking bears danced on stage:

5. And Miley did her first twerk move:

6. Then motorboated this woman's butt and slapped it:

7. And Drake was totally into it:

8. When she ripped off her clothes and got rid of her bear onesie:

9. Then walked around in this outfit:

10. And touched herself with this giant foam hand:

11. Then did this move:

12. And this one:

13. When she got all up in Robin Thicke and nuzzled his neck:

14. Then did THIS.

15. And everyone was like this: