The Weeknd Dressed As The Nutty Professor For Halloween And It Was By Far The Best Costume Of All

    Nailed it.

    Even though silly me thought Halloween was canceled this year — you know, 'cause the pandemic — everyone dressed up, and I have to applaud The Weeknd for his costume. Because it WAS REALLY GOOD.

    If you're like one person that I saw in his comments that asked "who is that?" then 1) I feel bad for you, and 2) IT'S THE NUTTY PROFESSOR. DUH!!!!!

    The Weeknd wearing slacks, suspenders, a jacket, and a bowtie while holding an Erlenmeyer flask filled with liquid

    Eddie Murphy's version, obviously.

    Eddie in a similar outfit holding two graduated cylinders in an auditorium with a bottle of champagne on the table in front of him

    It's truly fuckin' great.

    He teased his costume ahead of Halloween, but all we knew was green slime was being used.

    The result — perfection!!!

    He really got into character and stayed there.

    And once again, even though this costume was worn to a problematic Halloween/birthday party hosted by Kendall Jenner, I love it. I'm sorry!!!