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The Real Story Behind The Old Couple Cuddling In Bed In "Titanic" Is Legit Heartbreaking


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Hello dear friend, you might have noticed that some of us here at BuzzFeed are kind of obsessed with Titanic right now. I mean, It's the 20th anniversary and it's a fucking great movie, so I don't need to justify why. But, yes, I'm here with another Titanic post!!!

But the sadder part is, this scene was based off two actual people, the Strauses, who chose to stay together while the ship sank.


The two were married in 1871 and they were some of the richest people on board the ship. They literally had one of the fanciest and nicest cabins on the entire boat. They were traveling back to the states from a holiday in France.

When the Titanic hit the iceberg, and they knew sinking was inevitable, Ida — being a first class passenger and a woman — was immediately given a spot on a lifeboat. Isidor took her to her lifeboat, but when they got there Ida refused to get on. SHE DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE HER HUSBAND.


Isidor was even offered a spot on the lifeboat (because he was such a noted passenger), but turned it down because according to witnesses he said he "would not go before other men." See? Great guy.

Ida ended up giving away her spot on a lifeboat to her maid, Ellen Bird. According to recounts of what happened, she and Isidor were last seen on the deck of the ship, holding each other.

There's even a deleted scene from the movie, which recreates the moment:

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