I Am Obsessed With The Spice Girls Singing And Dancing To Their Own Music At Geri Halliwell's Birthday Party

    The only reunion I care about.

    I grew up with the Spice Girls.

    A throwback photo of the Spice Girls sitting on a couch

    I don't care how many times they reunite in real life, whenever it happens, I love it.

    Once upon a time, I wrote in my diary about Geri leaving the Spice Girls and how it RUINED MY LIFE. Now, I wish I could tell 9-year-old me not to cry. That everything is fine now.

    So fine that this past weekend, Geri celebrated her 50th birthday, and 4/5 Spice Girls were in attendance. Mel B. was the only one not there.

    And at this party, they danced and sang along to "Say You'll Be There."

    Imagine being present for this.

    There’s more @spicegirls 🎉🎉🎉

    Twitter: @ThisIsMax

    Just imagine it.

    I am verklempt!


    A person in the background with their hand over their heart as they smile and happily take in the scene

    I never say this, but...MY HEART.

    Also, Richard E. Grant was there, which was a bonus reunion.

    He played Clifford, their tour manager in Spice World.

    I cry over the whole thing.

    Victoria with her arms around Emma

    Bless the DJ who knew it would be a good idea to play their song. We thank you. <3