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    Mar 11, 2013

    The Similarities Between Tom Hanks' And Justin Timberlake's Induction Into The "SNL" Five-Timers Club

    SNL took a page from its own book and brought back the five-timers club for Justin Timberlake's episode this weekend.It was simply great.

    Tom got his membership card...

    ...and Justin got his card.

    Tom went to go check out the club...

    ...and Justin did the same.

    Tom got his smoking jacket...

    (Given to him by Conan O'Brien)

    ...and Justin got his smoking jacket:

    (Given to him by SNL writer, Mike O'Brien)

    Tom was first introduced to Paul Simon...

    ...and Justin was also first introduced to Paul Simon.

    Tom then met Steve Martin with a pipe...

    ...and Justin also met Steve Martin with a pipe.

    A beloved "SNL" alum was a waiter for Tom...

    ...and so was Justin's.


    Here's Tom Hanks' full five-timers club sketch. And here's Justin Timberlake's.

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