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    The Rumors Are 100% True, Haim Invented Wancing


    Hi, it's me, Lauren, your resident Haimsbian. Here to confirm the rumors. It's true! Haim absolutely invented Walk-dancing. Don't believe me? I have plenty of evidence, so buckle your seatbelt and get ready!

    Previously, we've seen Haim dance and do fun little movies in many-a-music-video before. That's when the whispers started. "Omg, I heard that Haim invented walking." "Really? Because I heard they invented dancing?" "Oh well I heard they invented both! At the same time!"

    And now, with the release of their music video for "Little Of Your Love" it is confirmed 100%, they are literally responsible for all the incredible walk-dancing you have seen and will ever see in your life! hey are the Benjamin Franklins of walk-dancing! The Edisons of WANCING!!

    First, we open on Danielle simply walking. Baby steps!

    But then, after she's let the rhythm into her soul, she starts dancing too.

    And then it turns to full blown wancing!

    Este is wancing!

    And then Alana joins and they wance together!

    As usual, their wancing moves are Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, totally unique, not ever been done before.

    They end up creating the greatest hoe-down that has ever existed!!

    Look at them wance backwards. That's some major fuckin' skill!!!!

    They even wance in the dark. Honestly what can't they do?!?!?!?

    Anyway, the whole music video is a wance from heaven.

    I love it.

    BRAVO for the invention of a lifetime.

    Enjoy the whole thing in full and also buy Something To Tell You on iTunes™️.

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