The Spectacular Rise Of Joe Manganiello

He’s so, so, SO hot right now.

1. He used to look like this

3. And was all cute and cuddly

4. Until he played Flash Thompson in “Spiderman”

5. And got all jock-y on “Scrubs”

6. Then was stabbed in “CSI: Miami”

7. And got his beautiful face bruised on “ER”

8. Then he was cuddly again on “How I Met Your Mother”

9. Where we got to see a little skin


10. After that he was on “One Tree Hill”

11. Where he showed a lot of skin

And it was great.

12. Then he grew his hair and beard, and became a werewolf

13. And looked like this

14. Since then he has posed with a rifle…

15. In little red shorts…

16. In blue shorts…

17. With a giant tire…

18. With girls in bikinis…

19. And with himself

Which is just fine.

20. He knew what we wanted to see in “What to Expect when You’re Expecting”

(His Bod)

21. And didn’t disappoint at the MTV movie awards…

22. Which made everyone want to take advantage of this:

23. Now he’s in “Magic Mike,” where we’ll see him do MORE of that:

24. And hopefully more of this

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