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    A Two-Second Cameo In "A Princess Switch: Switched Again" Has Confirmed There Are Four Vanessa Hudgenses In The Netflix Christmas Movie Cinematic Universe

    This is the greatest crossover event in cinematic history.

    Before we start, I'm gonna need you guys to stay with me on this one, okay? Okay, let's begin.

    Obviously, this weekend I watched The Princess Switch: Switched Again. AKA, the sequel to The Princess Switch, but this time there are three (!) Vanessa Hudgenses.

    Promotional image featuring Vanessa Hudgens as three different characters

    After finishing the movie, I went to discuss with my sister, but then she said something that surprised me:

    The conversations reveals the couple from the film A Christmas Prince were at the coronation

    I obviously had to go back and rewatch the entire movie. JK, I fast forwarded to the coronation scene and then THERE THEY WERE:

    The cameo lasted literally two seconds. A true blink and you'll miss it moment. But it happened, there were the king and queen of Aldovia (with their bebe), the stars of A Christmas Prince. And that, my friends, definitively opened up a very confusing wormhole into the Netflix Christmas Movie Cinematic Universe (the NCMCU).

    Now let's rewind. We already know that A Christmas Prince takes place in the same universe as The Knight Before Christmas, the other Netflix Christmas movie starring Vanessa Hudgens.

    That was confirmed thanks to this big acorn.

    And tbh, we had a clue that somehow A Christmas Prince and The Princess Switch existed in the same universe because in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, they spoke about Belgravia (from The Princess Switch).

    But I didn't want to speculate and assume this was the same Belgravia because that would be...wild!!!

    But now there is no more speculating or assuming. WE HAVE SEEN THE PROOF. Like, the characters from A Christmas Prince were in the movie The Princess Switch. It is now fact!!

    This leads me to The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, which culminates in Lady Margaret’s coronation, which is attended by...Amber & Richard from A Christmas Prince.

    Which means a few things are now certain.

    One, due to the fact that A Christmas Prince takes place in the same universe as The Knight Before Christmas, that means that The Princess Switch also exists in that universe. The three movies share their realities.

    Two, this means that there are at least FOUR Vanessa Hudgenses guaranteed to exist in this universe!!!!!!! FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And three, it also means that A Christmas Prince is a documentary, because in The Princess Switch, they watched A Christmas Prince on TV. But then the very people featured in that movie showed up at the coronation of queen Margaret Delacourt. So, it's science.

    How dare Netflix screw with my mind by making the couple from A CHRISTMAS PRINCE show up in THE PRINCESS SWITCH 2 even though they watched A CHRISTMAS PRINCE on Netflix in the first THE PRINCESS SWITCH???

    Cannot wait for A Princess Switch 3: Switched Again: GUESS WHO. THANKS FOR READING. My head hurts. Bye.