The Oscars Just Gave Us The Most Star-Studded Pizza Party To Ever Happen

The real winner tonight was pizza.

1. We know that the audience (especially Kerry Washington) was definitely up for pizza if it was ordered in…

2. And then Ellen followed through!

3. And started handing out pizza to everyone…

4. And she made Brad Pitt the plate guy…

5. And obviously Jennifer Lawrence had a slice…

6. And so did Meryl…

7. All the while Brad Pitt the plate guy was still handing out plates because he takes his job very seriously:

8. And then Jared Leto took a slice but GAVE IT TO HIS HUNGRY MOM like a true gentleman:

9. And Harrison Ford got in on the pizza-eating action:

10. Then there was this awkward thing about who was going to pay (they prob should have just split it down the middle)…

11. And Sandra Bullock said she was NOT paying.

12. But that was fine, because Ellen just dumped the bill on Harvey Weinstein:

13. So Martin Scorsese got some for free:

14. And in a sad turn of events, Kerry Washinton, who wanted the pizza SO BAD, ended up with an empty plate.

15. Even though she said it didn’t matter…

No worries on the pizza peeps! I'm gluten-free! LOL #SnacksInMyPurse #Oscars

— kerry washington (@kerrywashington)

16. Ellen came through!

17. Update — 11:45 p.m.: BuzzFeed reached out to the pizzeria for comment.

Called the Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria location that delivered to The #Oscars. Dude hung up on me after saying "I dont have time for this."

— Jarett Wieselman (@JarettSays)

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