The Oscar Gods Brought Kate Hudson And Matthew McConaughey Together Again

It was fate, according to our quiz.

Our friends at Entertainment Tonight brought our quiz “Who Should You Party With Tonight After The Oscars?” to the red carpet at the Academy awards. Our mission: To help celebrities figure out which other celebrity they should get down with after the show. Kate Hudson’s result was so serendipitous it’s almost too much to handle.

3. We know the night would start off with some B.S. (the card game)…

4. Then they’d take a motorcycle ride together somewhere…

5. And cap the night off with a little song and dance.

6. But ACTUALLY, they really did hang out. See:

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

7. A lot of reuniting happening, so the quiz doesn’t lie.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

8. Meanwhile, Kate’s mom and Kurt Russell took the same quiz, and here are their results:

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