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The Official Ranking Of Famous People Dancing In The Grammys Audience

If there's a bunch of music playing in a room, there's bound to be dancing. But that doesn't mean it's going to be good.

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14. The Macklemore head nod:

Macklemore was head jamming to Willie Nelson, and even though it wasn't the ~ravey~ part of the show, he could have at least body shimmied.

13. The Robin Thicke and Paula Patton sway:

What is this, a funeral concert?! What happened to those moves, Robin?? SCARED, ARE YA?

12. The Keith Urban head roll:

"WOOH! YEAH BOY, let's ride a horse!"

11. The Bruno Mars turkey neck:

For a dancer in a bolo tie I expected a lot more.

10. The Sean Lennon banjo jig:

His moves are there, he just needs to practice a bit more and maybe loosen up his neck.

9. The Katy Perry shoulder shrugging:

"This beat is good, my shoulders can follow this beat!"

8. The Ringo clap:

CLAP CLAP CLAP. Sadly the clap is not an actual dance move, but the effort is there.

7. The Queen Latifah preach dance:

Yes. She's feeling it. THE MUSIC LIVES INSIDE OF HER.

6. The Imagine Dragons full-body groove:

It takes time to learn to move like this but even more credit to them because they did it while covered in sticky red paint.

5. The Paul McCartney finger snap:

Similar to the Ringo Clap, but this Beatle utilizes only his phalanges, which takes concentration and real finger rhythm.

4. The Jayoncé body pulse and semi-Soulja Boy:

Yes. Good. Good.

3. The Steven Tyler hand jive:


2. The Yoko Ono shimmy and peace giver:

Yoko Ono came to the Grammys a regular old person and left the dancing queen of our hearts. #Blessed to have her.

1. The Taylor "these legs don't stop moving" Swift all-nighter:

Yeah, Yoko moved and Paul McCartney grooved, but there was no one — NO ONE — as dance-y as Taylor. Her feet needed a bucket of ice to recover from her intense body movements. She wins this one.

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