The New “Figure It Out” Stinks

It’s not the show we all remember. I mean, it is that show, just not half as good.

1. Old: Summer Sanders was the host

2. New: Jeff Sutphen is the host. AKA not Summer Sanders

3. Old: Billy the Answer Head

Simple. Straightforward. I get it.

4. New: This word train thing

I am so confused by this.

5. Old: Super cool and crazy Jay

6. Now: Boring Elle

Where are her gigantic sunglasses?

7. Old: Classic slime-colored set

8. New: Neon rainbow explosion set

9. Old: Good ol’ charade brigade

10. New: Fancy modern day white-board technology

11. Old: Basic Jumpsuits

12. New: Jumpsuits with stripe details

13. Old: Fun font

14. New: Boring font

What is that…helvetica??

15. Old: Panelists come down for all the fun

16. New: Cast does not come down for the fun

Instead a young girl dances half naked by herself.

17. Old: Audience was comfortable and mostly level

18. New: Audience is practically upside down, should be seat belted in

19. Old: Cast we knew and loved

Lori Beth Denberg!

Danny Tamberelli!

Amanda Bynes!

22. New: Strangers

Cymphonique Miller

Lulu Antariksa

Seriously…who are those panelists?

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