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    The 16 Most Unsettling Pictures Taken In 2014

    I've warned you.

    1. Guy Fieri stepping out of a giant polaroid picture.

    2. Guy Fieri in a camo blazer.

    3. Guy Fieri in orange and green tinted sunglasses.

    4. Guy Fieri violently squishing three sliders.

    5. Guy Fieri violently squishing three sliders, but horizontally.

    6. Guy Fieri with his arms spread out.

    7. Guy Fieri pouring hot sauce on wings.

    8. Guy Fieri peeking out from under his sunglasses.

    9. Guy Fieri doing the "it was this big" hand motion.

    10. Guy Fieri and his mouth open wide.

    11. Guy Fieri trying to eat another human.

    12. Guy Fieri doing a finger gun.

    13. Guy Fieri doing a double finger point.

    14. Guy Fieri smiling.

    15. Guy Fieri half smiling while wearing a black rubber glove.

    16. Guy Fieri doing this.