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17 Of The Most Leonardo DiCaprio Things That Leonardo DiCaprio Did In 2014

~That so Leo~

1. Sipped wine on a yacht.

2. Sipped tea on a yacht.

3. Smoked an e-cig on a yacht.

4. Walked off a yacht with these socks on.

5. Got into position to do a karate kick on a yacht.

6. Did a karate kick on a yacht.

7. Showed off his muscles on a yacht.

8. Walked on a yacht with an umbrella over his head.

9. Stood on this yacht and observed the sea.

10. Paddleboarded in the water somewhere probably near his anchored yacht.

11. Checked his cookie clicker score on his computer, while on his yacht.

12. Swam in water (with a bun) most likely while his yacht was docked.

13. Ran around with a nerf gun that the stewards on his yacht probably provided him with.

14. And washed himself off under this giant sink faucet before getting back on his yacht.

15. Layed on this yacht...

16. ...ready to be drawn like a french girl...

And chat on the phone with his biffles.

17. And oh yeah, danced like your dad. Not on a yacht, but there was probably one around somewhere.