The 14 Most Important Moments Of Rafael Nadal's Vacation

    15-LOVE. Get it, because I love him.

    1. When he stood on top of his yacht and giggled:

    2. When he spread his arms:

    3. When he got out of the water and was chilly:

    4. And then took a shower and the water bounced off his smooth tan skin:

    5. When he rested on the ledge because he was tired from lifting his arms and being so perfect:

    6. When he changed into little floral swimming trunks:

    7. When he stuck his index fingers out like this:

    8. When he prepared to dive:

    9. When he dove into the water with flawless form:

    10. When he sat on his boat and hung his legs over the ledge and wore a tiny black bathing suit:

    11. When he bounced this ball with his perfectly arched foot:

    12. When he flew in the air and his foot was still perfectly arched:

    13. When he flew again and his legs did this:

    14. And when he literally stopped time and nothing continued and he froze like this forever and it was all OK.