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    The 30 Most Important Moments From When Zac Efron Was On "Room Raiders"

    It was the best episode of Room Raiders that ever aired.

    1. When Zac said the classic Room Raiders line and held up his spy kit:

    2. When he entered the first room for the first time and was super stoked about it:

    3. When he was totally right about the girl being in college:

    4. When Zac got scared of this net:

    5. When he talked about finding a shirt that matched some underwear:

    6. When he opened the ~bedside table drawer~

    7. AND FOUND CONDOMS and was like "yeeeaaahhhh boy"

    8. When he whipped out his spy kit because he didn't want to touch the hairy brush:

    9. His reaction when he found the underwear drawer:

    10. Then when he sat there fondling the underwear:


    12. When he went to the second house and pretended he was Tarzan:

    13. Then slid down the slide:

    14. And didn't want to leave the pool:

    15. And then made this face in the pool:

    16. When he went in room #2 and played guitar and the girls thought he sucked (HA!!! STUPID THEM!)

    17. When he made this comment about older women:

    18. Then totally dissed Katie of room #2:

    19. And also when he wore her heels and left because he totally hated her:

    20. When he jumped on the trampoline at room #3:

    21. When he admitted his style choices:

    22. When he was really serious about loving cheerleaders:

    23. When he couldn't open the closet door:

    24. When he was recapping the rooms and he basically said he wants to be dominated in the bedroom:

    25. When he called the girl from room # 3 A LAZY BITCH.

    26. When the meeting on the beach happened and it was like an old western:

    27. When he was like, "Damn, gotta choose one of you" and crossed his arms:

    28. When he felt like a total doof for not choosing room #1 and then checked her out:

    29. When he was like "YOU WIN!!!"

    30. And finally when he made up these words and they lived happily ever after for one minute:

    Here's the entire episode:

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