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The 27 Most Important Moments From The Oscars

A recap of Hollywood's biggest night, including an appearance by Glom Gazingo.

1. Idina Menzel introduced Glom Gazingo...

2. ...and then Glom touched Idina's face a lot.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch wanted the cameras to go away.

4. And also did this thing with his eyebrows:

5. Jared Leto made Meryl Streep blush.

6. Neil Patrick Harris came onto the stage in his undies...

7. ...causing Octavia Spencer to react like this:

8. Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone hugged it out on the red carpet.

9. Lady Gaga helped her friend get something out of his beard.

10. Oprah was confused...

11. ...happy...

12. ...and there for David Oyelowo after an emotional performance by John Legend and Common.

13. And Common and John Legend also moved everyone with their winning speech.

14. The McConaughbeard made its Oscar debut.

15. Neil Patrick Harris made two seat fillers famous for about a minute.

16. Eddie Redmayne couldn't believe his win.

17. And was even more surprised (or TERRIFIED) to see an actual Oscar statue in his hands.

18. Chris Pine cried.

19. Patricia Arquette made a statement with her speech...

20. ...causing Meryl to react like this:

21. Lady Gaga sang a medley from The Sound of Music like no one has before...

22. ...and Julie Andrews loved it.

23. Steve Carell and Channing Tatum received Lego Oscars...

24. did Emma Stone, who basked in hers.

25. Julianne Moore finally won her Oscar.

26. Tim McGraw tried to eat his wife Faith Hill's ear.

27. And Wes Anderson clapped weirdly...

...the entire night.