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Dec 19, 2017

18 Things That Happened In 2017 That Made Queer Girls Scream

What a year it was for us!!!

1. When Kristen Stewart Shaved her head.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images / Via

2. When Kristen Stewart said she was gay.

NBC / Via

3. When Kristen Stewart smiled.

Agny, Tyja / BACKGRID / Via

4. When Kristen Stewart wore this outfit:

Agny, Tyja / BACKGRID / Via

5. When Kristen Stewart made out with Vanessa Bayer on SNL:

6. When Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell held hands:

Frat / Best Image / BACKGRID

7. When Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell sat-spooned:

Frat / Best Image / BACKGRID

8. When Kristen Stewart risked her life to take a pic of Stella Maxwell hanging out of a car:

Jrlon / MEGA / Via

9. When Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell looked over photos they had taken to make sure they were good.

Jrlon / MEGA / Via

10. When Kristen Stewart held this dog and was like Romeo outside of Stella Maxwell's trailer.


11. When Kristen Stewart wore these socks:

Lars Niki / Getty

12. When Kristin Stewart realized she had no more hair...

13. OVER AND...


15. When Kate McKinnon pretended to be Kristen Stewart while Kristen Stewart accidentally said "fuck" on SNL.

16. When Kristen Stewart changed her hairdo and it looked like this:

Vivien Killilea / Getty Images

17. When Kristen Stewart looked like David S. Pumpkin's sexually fluid daughter.

Neilson Barnard

18. And whenever this pic was taken of none other than Kristen Stewart.

Abiy / / AKM-GSI

Hot damn!

Feel free to listen to the this playlist I made called Lesbian Campfire — perfect for listening to with all your gal pals around a campfire — while you scroll up and down through these pics.

Also, it's collaborative, so lesbians, ADD AWAY!

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