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The 18 Most Important Hairstyles Of Nicolas Cage's Life

Oh you've only had one hairstyle your whole life? BORING.

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18. The disheveled red carpet walker:

Getty Images

This is obviously an important moment in Cage's life because it taught him about perseverance — perseverance to still "smile" even when the top of his head had seen better days.


16. The middle part:

Getty Images

AWWW. Baby's first middle part! It's always important to note when a male human tries out a middle part for the first time. This was that time and we are lucky enough to have captured it on film photography.

12. The business kind of guy:

When life hands you lemons, sell those lemons and use your profits to buy hair gel and then do this to your hair. Bonus tip: Dip into your own funds to buy a T-shirt!


5. The blonde bombshell:

Getty Images

You might call this a midlife crisis, but I call it a stroke of genius. All the greats go blonde — just look at Pamela Anderson. If there was ever a moment that Nic Cage would randomly yell, "I'm Nic Cage! Look at me!" it would be right after this photo was taken.


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