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    Updated on Aug 18, 2020. Posted on Jun 24, 2013

    The 18 Most Important Hairstyles Of Nicolas Cage's Life

    Oh you've only had one hairstyle your whole life? BORING.

    18. The disheveled red carpet walker:

    Getty Images

    This is obviously an important moment in Cage's life because it taught him about perseverance — perseverance to still "smile" even when the top of his head had seen better days.

    17. The disheveled traveler:

    Splash News

    Hey, none of us look perfect when we get off a plane. Except Nic Cage. He looks perfect.

    16. The middle part:

    Getty Images

    AWWW. Baby's first middle part! It's always important to note when a male human tries out a middle part for the first time. This was that time and we are lucky enough to have captured it on film photography.

    15. The bob:

    Getty Images

    It's a bob. Like, a wavy black bob. As far as hair importance goes this ranks about a 13.

    14. The mustached man:

    Getty Images

    "Daddy, daddy, I'm gonna have a mustache one day!" —Nicolas Cage, age 7, to his dad. This photo is solid proof that dreams come true.

    13. The beach bum:

    Getty Images

    Ladies, take note. No product needed here, just natural beachy waves that are kissed by the sun.

    12. The business kind of guy:

    When life hands you lemons, sell those lemons and use your profits to buy hair gel and then do this to your hair. Bonus tip: Dip into your own funds to buy a T-shirt!

    11. The dude 'do:

    Just made you say doo-doo.

    10. The silver wizard:


    9. The little bird:



    8. The big bird:

    Totally real and CrAzY!

    7. The bang guy:

    The Weather Man

    ANOTHER important milestone for men: their first set of bangs. He went above and beyond.

    6. The Tom Cruise:

    Night Rider

    "Daddy, daddy, I wanna look like Tom Cruise one day." —Nic Cage, age 9, to his dad. CONGRATS AGAIN FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN.

    5. The blonde bombshell:

    Getty Images

    You might call this a midlife crisis, but I call it a stroke of genius. All the greats go blonde — just look at Pamela Anderson. If there was ever a moment that Nic Cage would randomly yell, "I'm Nic Cage! Look at me!" it would be right after this photo was taken.

    4. The curlicue:

    No hairstyle will ever be as simultaneously nightmarish and heavenly as this was. None.

    3. The dark shadow:


    I leave Nicolas Cage alone for two minutes and THIS IS WHAT HE DOES?

    2. The blonde bombshell 2:

    Getty Images

    I SPOKE TO SOON ABOUT THE BLONDE HAIR AND WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE. This hair actually cost 72 people their jobs and homes.

    1. The Chad Kroeger:

    You live and you learn and sometimes you look like Chad Kroeger.

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