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    The 19 Most Fabulous Moments From The Life Of Zac Efron's Bangs

    They lived fast and died young. Maybe too young.

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    1. When they made their awkward debut alongside his gap teeth but we fell in love with them anyway.

    Getty / Kevin Winter

    2. And then they grew out and blossomed into longer golden locks ready to take over the world.

    Getty / Frederick M. Brown

    3. When they framed his face like a little bowl of hairy wonderfulness.

    Getty / Evan Agostini

    4. And would sweep gently to the right across his forehead.

    Getty / Vince Bucci

    5. Except when sometimes they would be adventurous, and hang to the left.

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    6. When they showed off their spunk and playfulness and dangled near his eyes.

    Getty / Claire Greenway

    7. And jumped for joy because they were bangs and loved LIFE!

    Getty / Patrick Riviere

    8. But also when they showed their more serious side, sitting right atop his brows.

    Getty / Kevin Winter

    9. When they were emo and sad and got dark like an angsty teen.

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    10. But still maintained their bangy beauty.

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    11. When they whispered sweet nothings into Amanda Bynes' ear.

    Getty / Scott Gries

    12. And when they got very close to John Travolta's 100% natural winged hair.

    Getty / Kevin Winter

    13. When they competed for attention with Paula Abdul's bangs (AND WON, OBVIOUSLY).

    Getty / Kevin Winter

    14. When they started to grow so long they crawled down his face to show their power and strength.

    Getty / Evan Agostini

    15. They were so strong and powerful that this hat couldn't even contain them.

    Getty / Kevin Winter

    16. When his armpit hair tried to steal the attention but the bangs were like, "NO. I AM KING AROUND HERE."

    Getty / Kevin Winter

    17. And then they were on the cover of a magazine and his armpits were nowhere to be seen but his abs were there and it was a tough race.

    18. When they looked like waves of beautiful brown sea on his head.

    Getty / Jason Merritt

    19. And then the sea got rough and the brown waves were crashing too hard, and he was like, S.O.S.!!!

    Getty / Sean Gallup

    So then he jumped ship and the bangs were gone.

    Getty / Frazer Harrison

    But it's OK because they were immortalized forever in wax.

    Getty / Michael Loccisano

    Never forget the bangs.

    Getty / Mark Mainz

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