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    The 12 Most Awkward Moments In David Beckham's Life

    Presented with haikus.

    1. When he had corn rows:

    2. When he sat crossed legged holding these two poles:

    3. When he wore this doo-rag:

    4. When he stood in this wreath:

    5. When he posed with these cans of himself:

    6. When he sported this turtleneck:

    7. When he did this with his sunglasses while wearing that turtleneck:

    8. When he shaved only a small section of his head:

    9. And also when he wore this very large brown trench coat:

    10. When he wore another trenchcoat but it was black:

    11. When he wore velvet pants:

    12. And, when he wore these giant jeans: