The 12 Most Awkward Moments In David Beckham’s Life

Presented with haikus.

1. When he had corn rows:

Ben Radford / Getty Images Europe

A man with corn rows
Feels no pain because he is
Protected by hair

2. When he sat crossed legged holding these two poles:

Two poles, one David
Legs together with socks
Also blonde mohawk

3. When he wore this doo-rag:

Anwar Hussein / Getty Images

Why oh why oh why
He wears a sleeveless shirt as well
Also it has ruffles

4. When he stood in this wreath:

Ross Kinnaird / Getty Images

He stands inside plants
His hair is frosted again
He looks like a tree

5. When he posed with these cans of himself:

Gary M. Prior / Getty Images Europe

One thousand Davids
Drink drink drink drink drink drink drink
He takes a big gulp

6. When he sported this turtleneck:

Adrian Groom / Getty Images

Turtlenecks can’t be
The answer to your question
They are very bad

7. When he did this with his sunglasses while wearing that turtleneck:

Adrian Groom / Getty Images

Sunglasses are down
He means serious business
Turtleneck still on

8. When he shaved only a small section of his head:

Dave Benett / Getty Images

Dear barber, just this
Cut my hair, but just a bit
Make me beautiful

9. And also when he wore this very large brown trench coat:

Getty Images / Getty Images Europe

Give me leather or
Give me death he said to all
And leather he got

10. When he wore another trenchcoat but it was black:

Justin Goff / UK Press via Getty Images

He squeaked and squeaked more
He was a walking squeaker
Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak

11. When he wore velvet pants:

Anwar Hussein / Getty Images

Though velvet is soft
It shall not be worn like this
I know not his thoughts

12. And, when he wore these giant jeans:

Koichi Kamoshida / Getty Images Asiapac

These pants are so big
Two men can fit inside them
And also seventeen cats

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