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    Maya Erskine From "Pen15" Is Dating The Kid From "Sky High"

    A power couple!

    Remember Michael Angarano? If you are me, then you remember him most specifically as Will Stronghold from Sky High.

    BUT, did you know that now he is older and dating Maya Erskine, who stars as Maya in Pen15!?!?!?!?!?! DID YOU KNOW THIS?!?!

    Well, yes, it is true. They are a couple.

    Instagram official and everything.

    Based off my light stalking, they've been together for at least 53 weeks. This was their first Insta pic together and they were already in love, according to the caption.

    They also seem to share a dog.

    Basically, they are really cute together!!!!

    Michael even appeared on the second season of Pen15 as the play director.

    And he wrote this whole lovey dovey thing on Instagram about it and Maya.

    I love this for them.

    So yeah, now we all know.


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