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    For Everyone Who Knows "The Holiday" Is Better Than "Love Actually"

    It rules.

    Hello, people of the world. I've brought you here for one reason and one reason only: to put to end the madness that is believing Love Actually is the greatest holiday movie of our time, when, in fact, it is not.

    Because actually, The Holiday is the greatest holiday movie of our time. I mean, it has the word holiday in it. That means something!

    Plus, it's just the truth: The Holiday is fucking great! (And better than Love Actually.)

    First of all: Love Actually has too many characters! You can't keep up with them. It's worse than the Kardashians!

    But The Holiday has only a handful of characters. It's literally, like, these four...

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    ...and then this guy. Which means you really get to appreciate their character development.

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    The Holiday features both a quaint cottage in England AND a huge mansion in LA, and I wanna live in both of them!

    Plus, The Holiday has Kate Winslet! Queen of rom-coms. I mean, have you seen Titanic?

    Twentieth Century Fox

    It also has Jude Law with hair...

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    ...and glasses. Which, let's be honest, is a real treat.

    Not to mention, all of the characters were actually insanely relatable. I mean, can you say TRUE!

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    SO TRUE.

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    And Iris and Amanda practically invented Airbnb.

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    Plus — like I mentioned earlier — there was a cute old man who was SO wise. And young-person + old-person movie friendships are the best.

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    Not to mention The Holiday had Mr. Napkin head. An icon.

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    And the two cutest kids in movie history, Sophie and Olivia, who also happened to have made the world's greatest tent fort.

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    Finally, The Holiday doesn't have some jerk guy telling his best friend's wife that he loves her!! (However, that did happen in Love Actually, smh.)

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    Basically, The Holiday was brilliant (yep, that's me being kinda British). And the ending was Christmas movie perfection.

    I mean, there was cute dancing and holiday cheer with our new couples.

    Anndddd Iris and Amanda became best friends/sisters, which is just really goddamn cute.

    The End.