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The Greatest Battles Between Celebrities And Paparazzi

Luckily other paps were around to capture their peers getting beat up.

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Justin Bieber Hit this guy

Sean Penn kicked that guy

Lily Allen kicked this dude

Alec Baldwin Attacks this guy (first offense)

Jude law conked this lady

Hugh Grant kicked this man

Adam Lambert attacked this guy

Camera Diaz whacked this guy (with her bag)

Miley Cyrus got in this guys face

Kate Moss beat up that guy

Pete Doherty threw buckets of water on many guys

Russell Brand attacked that dude

Prince Harry attacked that guy

Alec Baldwin hit this guy (second offense)

Winners: THE CELEBS! Because wouldn't you go crazy and snap one day if someone took 1,000 photos of you right in your face? (Sorry to my dog.)

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