The "Glee" Seniors Are Moving On

The time finally came to see who was graduating — and who wasn’t — on the “Glee” season finale last night. Spoiler alert!

Even though the seniors have their plans, will they really all not be returning next season? Hopefully there is a plague and everyone has to be confined to Lima, Ohio.

2. The graduating seniors:

Now, where they’re going:

4. Mike

What he’s been through: Football player turned glee dancer, learned how to sing, parents disapproved of his singing, got his parents to come around, started a relationship with Tina, the “other asian”
Where he’s going: The Joffrey Ballet School, in Chicago!

5. Kurt

What he’s been through: Was bullied by everyone in school, faked a crush on Mercedes, came out of the closet, transferred schools due to bullying, transferred back to McKinley, started a relationship with Blaine, became step-brothers with Finn, suffered through a tough relationship with his father, became really close with his father, dealt with his fathers heart attack, got rejected from NYADA
Where he is going: Nowhere, staying in Lima to work on auditioning for NYADA next year.

6. Santana

What she’s been through: Was an all-star cheerio, the school bitch, started a secret lesbian relationship with Brittany, became openly gay, started to love everyone, gave up going to college for bigger dreams
Where she is going: New York to be a star

7. Puck

What he’s been through: Was on the football team and really cool, fathered Quinn’s baby, tried to be in a relationship with the adoptive mother of their baby, almost failed high school, went from bully to nice guy
Where he is going: Unsure? Maybe moving to LA to be a pool boy, or a rock star

8. Mercedes

What she’s been through: Had a crush on Kurt, felt like she wasn’t the star of Glee, became star of the trouble-tones, had a short stint as a cheerio
Where she is going: Los Angeles! To possibly get signed by a record label and become a huge star

9. Quinn

What she’s been through: Got pregnant, put her baby up for adoption, tried to sabotage her baby’s adoptive mother, got into a car accident due to texting-while-driving, was in a wheelchair, learned to walk again
Where she’s going: Yale!

10. Finn

What he’s been through: was captain of the football team, joined glee club and became a loser, became Kurt’s step-brother, thought he was the father of Quinn’s baby, found out his dad was not the man he thought he was, planned to marry Rachel Berry, planned to become an actor in new york, decides to make his father proud instead
Where he’s going: Big twist: Going to join the army!

11. Rachel

What she’s been through: Bullied throughout high school, star of glee club, found her birth mother but didn’t have a full fledged relationship with her, on and off with Finn until they got together and planned to wed, choked at her NYADA audition then pleaded for a second chance, got into NYADA
Where she is going: New York City, to become a broadway star and where she is enrolled in NYADA

12. The Juniors/ Super Seniors

See you next year!

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