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    28 Little Free Libraries That Are So Adorable It Hurts

    I love these little things.

    Some background: Little Free Libraries are exactly what they sound like...tiny "libraries" where anyone can pass by and take a book that's inside or leave one if they'd like. They are alllll over the world and you can register to "host" one on your property, or wherever. You can order a pre-built little library OR you can build one yourself. They are all really cute, but here are some extra-cute ones.

    1. This one that looks like a book store on Main Street in a small town:

    2. This little house, complete with solar panels and all:

    3. This one that's a tiny house with green shutters and fits in perfectly with the neighborhood:

    4. This one that looks like the front window of an old and dusty bookshop:

    5. This very detailed witttleee replica:

    6. This baby brownstone:

    7. This adorable one with a turquoise door:

    8. This lil' school bus:

    9. This little baby in front of its mama:

    10. This one that takes after its human-sized version:

    11. This very stately one:

    12. This tiny British telephone booth:

    13. This Dr. Suess-y one:

    14. This little version of the house from Up:

    15. This eensy version of the real house, with lights and snow on the roof and everything.

    16. This little TARDIS:

    17. This one that's built inside an old tree trunk:

    18. This house with a fence and a chimney:

    19. This beach bungalow that's a book bungalow:

    20. This little lighthouse:

    21. This little guy that looks like a high school:

    22. This teeny tin-roof cabin:

    23. This mini version of its host house:

    24. This VW van library:

    25. And this ice cream truck one:

    26. This snowy little barn:

    27. This round lil' cabin:

    28. And this bb Victorian house:

    If you've spotted a cute Little Free Library in your town, share it in the comments! READING IS FUN.

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