The Cold Hard Truth Behind The Beyoncé Photobomb Picture

    This picture says way more than 1,000 words.

    Maybe you've seen this photo recently, of the girl who got a selfie with Beyoncé supposedly photobombing her:

    Well do you want the truth behind the photo? DO YOU? ARE YOU SURE? CAN YOU HANDLE IT?

    Well here it is, posted by the girl herself, Valentina, on her Tumblr:

    And here's the video proof. Before the "incident" Valentina is just trying to take a selfie.

    But then she turns around and just straight up asks Queen Bey if she can have a picture:

    So Beyoncé leaned in and obliged.

    And like any of us would, this is how the girl reacted:

    Moral of the story: whether or not it was a photobomb or a staged selfie or a carrot, this girl now has this moment to cherish forever.

    Here's the entire scene unfolding:

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    h/t Gawker