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    The Caesar Salad Is Not Named After Julius Caesar Like I Thought This Whole Time

    I'm embarassed that I didn't know this.

    If you already know the information I'm about to share, then CONGRATS, you are smarter and better than me, but perhaps you don't, and that's why I'm here.

    Dumb ol' me has spent my whole life thinking that the Caesar salad was named after Julius Caesar.

    A statue of Julius Caesar
    Vladacanon / Getty Images

    Maybe it was the bangs that come on top when I order one that made me think this.

    A plate of Caesar salad with bangs photoshopped on top
    Tetra Images / Getty Images

    Or just that Julius Caesar is the only Caesar I am really familiar with. Other than Cesar Milan, but his name is spelled differently.

    Piola666 / Getty Images

    These are not the salad men.

    Anyway, recently I learned I'm very wrong about the origin of the Caesar salad, and I want to give credit where credit is due — and make sure EVERYONE IS AWARE!!! And no, it's also not because it was made at Caesar's Palace in Vegas (as my nameless friend thought).



    This is the man, the myth, the legend: Caesar Cardini. The Caesar responsible for the Caesar salad. He was an Italian restauranteur.

    This was his original recipe for the salad:

    The ingredients in the original Caesar dressing include vegetable oil, lemon juice, eggs, imported olive oil, wine vinegar, parmesan cheese, salt, spices, garlic, and herbs

    It was made in 1923 at Caesar's restaurant, The Caesar Cardini Cafe in Tijuana, Mexico.

    And here's how they serve it today. I WANT.

    And that's that! Caesar Cardini is why the Caesar salad exists. And now you know. And you'll never make a fool of yourself like I have, talkin' about Julius Caesar's beautiful salad creation in conversation. BYE.

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