The Brief But Mysterious Saga Of Shia LaBeouf Dropping Out Of “Orphans”

Shia LeBeouf was supposed to make his Broadway debut in a show called Orphans this spring, but has pulled out of the production and posted several personal emails about the matter to his Twitter account.

1. First Shia tweeted this:

3. Then this email was sent to the production company and seemingly Alec Baldwin:

5. After qouting David Mamet, he posted this email, a conversation between Alec Baldwin and himself:

7. Then he posted his audition for the Broadway show “Orphans,” which is more than an hour long:

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8. After that he posted an email Tom Sturridge sent to him:

10. Then he tweeted several things that were slightly philosophical and kind of confusing:

15. And then he ended with this email, from the fight director of “Orhpans”:

17. What do you think went down between Alec and Shia, and should he have posted the emails? Now for a Louis Stevens GIF.

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