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    People Are Losing Their Shit Over "The Boss Baby" Getting A Golden Globe Nomination

    "Golden Globes-Nominee The Boss Baby..."

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Today is a day that will go down in history. That is because everybody's favorite movie that they watched on a plane has been nominated for a Golden Globe! And yes, I'm talking about The Boss Baby!

    Yah, YOU HEARD THAT. The Boss Baby was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture (Animated).

    boss baby? bosS babY? boSS baBY? bOSS bABY? BOSS BABY?

    Naturally, people are losing their collective shit over the latest film to be invited into the exclusive club that is the Golden Globe Awards...


    say what you like but it's a hell of a result for the boss baby

    My new ringtone is Alfre Woodard announcing “The Boss Baby.”

    well the good news is that the boss baby has been nominated for a golden globe

    I'm rooting for Boss Baby and that's it #GoldenGlobes

    ...because "Golden Globe-nominee The Boss Baby" has such a beautiful ring to it:

    savor the words “Golden Globes nominee The Boss Baby” like a well-aged Bordeaux

    I want GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEE THE BOSS BABY to be chiseled into my tombstone #GoldenGlobes

    It really rolls off the tongue so beautifully.

    2017 will be remembered for many things, but most of all, I hope it's remembered as the year we earned the phrase "…

    *Art* is finally having its moment...

    When Globes qualified Boss Baby over Baby Driver. True art wins.

    ...even if some other great films and shows have been snubbed along the way:

    You know it was a good year for animated films when Boss Baby is nominated but where the FUCK is The Emoji Movie??…

    The #GoldenGlobes snubbing the masterpiece that is 'The Lego Batman Movie' but nominating 'Boss Baby' is a personal attack.

    you're telling me captain underpants got snubbed but the boss baby got a fucking nomination alright, fuck right off

    "Should we nominate Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?" "Nah." "The Carmichael Show?" "Nah." "Andy Serkis?" "C'mon now motion cap…

    The news is inspiring people!

    If The Boss Baby can get nominated for the Globe for Best Animated Feature, then I can pass my last final today! #anythingispossible

    It's finally getting people to see what actually matters in this world.

    And finally, the future looks bright again!

    "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair" -Boss Baby's speech at the Golden Globes, probably

    @ButterscotchwM Wonder if we’ll soon live in a world where we can say “Oscar Nominated Boss Baby” also

    Also, at long last Isaiah's film opinions are getting the recognition they deserve.

    "it's a good movie, honestly it will be worth your time. seriously you should watch it" - my 19 year old brother i…

    And they should, because The Boss Baby is a true opus:


    And, TBH, it didn't even get the full honor it deserved:

    Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for this. We needed it!