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The Biggest Mystery Of Thanksgiving Has Been Solved

The mystery = the unknown guy in the Kardashian Thanksgiving picture.

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This Thanksgiving, the Kardashian, Jenner, West, Disick, Gamble, and Tyga families got together for a group photo.

That's all fine and dandy. Family photos are nice and it looks like the sun was setting, which is even nicer. But after really taking time to examine the photo and spending almost too much time looking at it, there was one question on everybody's mind.


His plan to wear camo and disguise himself within the family didn't work. WE SAW HIM. AND WE HAD QUESTIONS.

The question being, WHO WAS HE? (Like I just said.) We all wanted to know — no, we needed to know.

It was the Thanksgiving conspiracy.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the answer is about to be revealed. THE CONSPIRACY WILL END TODAY. Are you ready?

It's Sakiya! Kanye's best friend. Thanks to Tracie Morrisey for figuring it out.

Now we can all sleep soundly tonight.

OR CAN WE? Because as with any great mystery, once one is solved, another pops up. Riddle me this: There were 10 chairs at the Thanksgiving table...


Who didn't eat dinner and came only for the photo op?! This we may never know.

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