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    16 Important Moments From One Direction's "This Is Us" Extra Footage

    The extra footage on the DVD/Blu-ray is wonderful and here's are the best parts.

    1. When Harry drove around on this little tractor eating a donut:

    2. When Niall rubbed noses with his wax figure...


    4. And when Zayn rubbed the chest of his wax figure:

    5. When Louis showed off his little trophy for most improved football player:

    6. When harry did this:

    7. When Liam just sat and this tiny window:

    8. And showed off the curtains of his childhood bedroom:

    9. When Harry walked through the bakery he used to work at and showed us the cheese counter...

    10. And the toilet...

    11. And exclaimed he was happy to work weekends because it meant he'd be rich!

    12. When we found out that you can literally just write Niall Horan on an envelope and it will get to him:

    13. When Harry asked Zayn if he was ready to perform while they held each other's hands:

    14. And then told him he needed to fix his hair:

    15. When Harry remembered the first time they were in the papers and did this thing with his arms:

    16. And even though it was in the movie, when Harry gets pantsed on stage because it's worth looking at again and again.

    This is Us is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray!

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