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The 28 Different Types Of Leonardo DiCaprio

Alternate title: Leonardo DiCaprio being adorable. Just because it's Monday and you should start your week off right.

1. Plaid Leo

2. Emotional Swan Loving Leo

3. No arms Leo

4. Winking Leo

5. Serious Jazz Hands Leo

6. Face in chair Leo

7. Teddy Bear Hugging Leo

8. Critter loving Leo

9. Smiley Leo

10. Disco Leo

11. Silly "got my hands in my sweater" Leo

12. Thinking Leo 1

13. Skeptical Leo

14. Dog on head Leo

15. Flared Nostrils Leo

16. Kissy Face Leo

17. Thinking Leo 2

18. Tilted head Leo

19. Adidas Leo

20. Buddhist Leo

21. All-seeing Leo

22. Country Leo

23. Headband Leo

24. Angry Feathered Leo

25. "Thumbs up for me" Leo

26. Bach Leo

27. Buff Leo

28. Kiss Me Leo

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