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The 27 Best Moments From The Golden Globe Awards

In case you missed it, these are the moments we wish we could live over and over again.

1. When Leo and Bradley Cooper hugged on the red carpet:

2. When Elisabeth Moss flipped off the mani cam:

3. When Orlando Bloom was presenting and then made this face probably because he thought no one would see, but we did, oh we did.

4. When Julia Louis-Dreyfus was smoking an e-cig and too cool for Reese Witherspoon:

5. When Idris Elba gave us the thumbs-up:

6. When Aaron Paul "YEAH BITCHED" the entire crowd:

7. This joke about Leonardo DiCaprio and his reaction:

8. When Emma Thompson took the stage barefoot, with a martini glass, then threw her shoes:

9. The pure delight/confusion Andy Samberg had when he won his award...

10. And the look on Seth Meyers' face when he took the stage:

11. Anytime Jared Leto's pony-bun was given the spotlight:

12. When Jennifer Lawrence crept up like this behind Taylor Swift:

13. When Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza photobombed Sofia Vergara:

14. P. Diddy's awkward interaction with that guy and Bono:

More of Diddy at the awards here.

15. When Amy Poehler played Tina Fey's cranky son and then asked if Idris Elba was her dad:

More of this bit here.

16. When Jennifer Lawrence stole a kiss from Nicholas Hoult:

17. When Amy Poehler made out furiously with Bono...

18. And was really happy to have finally won a Globe:

19. When Matt Damon recognized his place as a garbage man:

20. Bradley Cooper clapping for Leo:

21. When Amy and Tina called Julia Louis Dreyfus a phony while she scarfed down a hot dog:

GIFs via Tumblr.

22. When Jacqueline Bisset snuck in a "shit" on live television: / Via

23. The back of Leonardo DiCaprio's head:

24. And the presence of Thor aka Chris Hemsworth:

25. When Gwyneth Paltrow looked bored to tears and tried to open a water bottle:

26. When Amy Poehler called herself a bitch:

27. And when Jim Carey made this joke about Shia LaBeouf: