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The 21 Most Important Parts Of Beyoncé's Documentary

Life Is But a Dream premiered this weekend, and here are the 21 moments you need to see.

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1. When Beyoncé proved the Beyoncé Truthers wrong and showed her baby bump:

2. Even the long-form version too:

3. This selfie footage of Beyoncé and Jay-Z on a boat:

4. The introduction of Beyoncé's twin backup dancers Larry and Laurent:

5. When Beyoncé, Solange, and Kelly Rowland sang "Love Fool" and didn't really know the words but it was great anyway:

6. When this dancer was caught with the Cheez-Its:

7. When Jay-Z complimented Beyoncé and she said thank you:

8. This guy with his cool wig:

9. And these two awesome dancers:

10. When they rode in this luxury helicopter:

11. When we found out Beyoncé cuts her OWN HAIR and actually makes it look good:

12. When Beyoncé said this:

13. This moment:

14. And this part:

15. The clip of the emotional toast she gave to Jay-Z on his birthday in 2006:

16. When Beyoncé and Jay-Z hugged after she announced she was pregnant on stage:

17. When Beyoncé casually called upon the illuminati when she was about to give birth:

18. Also, the rollers in her hair:

19. The suspenseful reveal of Blue Ivy:

20. Plus this adorable moment that followed:

21. Annddd this entire dance:

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