The 19 Most Fantastic Moments From Lady Gaga’s Best Interview Ever

Gaga was on What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night and she was completely candid and amazing.

1. When she stuck up for the anti-twerk movement:

2. And once again expressed her disgust with the booing at the VMAs:


3. When she revealed that she used to be a stripper in New York City because it paid more than bartending:

4. When she admitted that the woods (on the floor, in the grass) is the most interesting place she’s had sex:


5. When she answered Andy’s question of who she’d dip into the lady pond with by saying this:

6. And then clarifying that she really does in fact like ladies:

7. Then proceeded to tell a story about a strip club in Russia that included an audience member…

8. Who was a movie star…

9. And happened to be Ralph Fiennes.

10. So basically Voldemort is friends with Lady Gaga and taught her everything she knows about strip clubs.

11. Then she explained her preferences and why she ended up with current boyfriend Taylor Kinney:


12. When she was asked what her favorite fashion moment was and she said this:

13. And then explained the meaning behind it…

14. As well as some more Gaga honesty:

15. When she was asked about her use of the drug Molly:

16. And after pretty much saying she used to use it frequently, she turned the question into a PSA.

17. Then said this:

18. When she chose the Jackhole of the day to be flip-flops…

…without realizing a lady in the audience was wearing them.

19. And when she came up with her very own Real Housewives tagline.



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