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    The 18 Best Real-Life Aaron Paul "YEAH BITCH!" Faces

    All together now: "YEAH BITCH!"

    1. The time when he won an Emmy.

    Getty Images

    2. And the other time he won a Emmy.

    Getty Images

    3. When he hung with Norman Reedus:

    4. And when he was on The Price Is Right and WON his round.

    5. The time he got married:

    6. When he met the kid from Modern Family.

    7. And Pierce Brosnan:

    8. The time he ate blue doughnuts:

    9. The time he met Kevin from The Office.

    10. When he wore green sunglasses and a poncho:

    11. That time he met Ronnie Wood.

    12. And then Keith Richards joined.

    13. When he did it in the RV with Bryan Cranston:

    Getty Images

    14. When he met Eddie Pepitone:

    15. And Darren Chris too:

    16. The time he was with Dick Van Dyke:

    17. The other time he was with Octavia Spencer:

    18. And the time he and Bryan Cranston drank champagne:

    Mark Davis/Getty Images

    BONUS: When he ate Corn Pops and even though the face didn't say "yeah bitch," you know he was "yeah bitching" in his heart.

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