The 15 Worst Justin Bieber Shirtless Selfies

Justin Bieber loves to take photos of himself without the appropriate amount of clothes on. Here are his own pictures ranked in order from uncomfortable to very very uncomfortable.

15. This one with his arms wide open

14. This one where his bellybutton is very defined

13. This one where he made Selena pose with him while wearing a stupid red hat

12. This one where he’s upside down

11. This creepy one

10. This one where we can see too much underwear

9. This one where we can still see too much underwear

8. This one of him in the wilderness

7. This one where it’s dark and weird

6. This one where it’s darker and weirder

5. This one where he looks constipated

4. This one where he still looks constipated

3. This one where you can see his nipple in the lower left corner

2. This one of him trying to be sexy?

1. This one where…OH I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE.

The End.

All photos from Justin Bieber’s instagram.

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