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The 13 Stages Of "Holidays In The United States" Coming Up When You Email Yourself


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Background: For some reason some special people open their phones, go to email themselves, enter their address, and then "Holidays in the United States" (or elsewhere) comes up. Right now there's no real fix for this trauma.

1. This is the true story of what it's like to live the life of a "Holiday in the United States," as I and many before me have.

2. Stage 1: Wonder what the fuck is going on.

Somehow I renamed myself "Holidays in the United States" in my contacts. Hm. Real head scratcher.

3. Stage 2: Seriously, wonder what the actual fuck is going on.

Why does my phone think the contact name for my email address is Holidays in the United States?


4. Stage 3: Ask yourself why, and how?

For some reason when I go to email myself something I pop up as 'Holidays in the United States' and I have no idea how or why

5. Stage 4: Find yourself saying "for some reason" a lot.

For some reason, my email address is saved as "Holidays in the United States" in my own phone.

7. Stage 6: Question your own name and who you really are.

Fun fact about me: My phone thinks my email address belongs to "Holidays in the United States," instead of "me" or "Kelly."


8. Stage 7: Wonder how long you've been living in the body of this "Holidays" person??!?!?!

Wait... When did my name change to "Holidays in the United States"?


when I email things to myself (often) my name comes up "holidays in canada". what's with that? does anyone else see it??

10. Stage 9: Be in Sweden and also feel confused.

When I email myself to my new email, the name comes up as Holidays in Sweden. And Holidays in UK when I email the other way. WTF?


13. Stage 12: Be cautious, but start coming to terms with it.

Why when I email myself is my contact name listed as "Holidays in the United States"? I mean I like celebrating, but what??

14. Stage 13: Accept it.

I don't understand why my iphone says my email address belongs to "Holidays in the United States" when I email myself, but I love it.