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    The 14 Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges Based On Their Screams

    It's all fun and games until they scream and then it's REALLY FUN.

    14. Robert Downey Jr.'s muffled moan:

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    Scream level: 2

    Scream length: Intermediate.

    More info: Not really a *scream* but only because he was trying so hard to hold it in.

    13. LeAnn Rimes' howl:

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    Scream level: 6

    Scream length: Advanced intermediate

    More info: It's just kind of enjoyable to watch her scream!

    12. Selena Gomez's cry:

    11. Julia Louis Dreyfus' squeel:

    10. Taylor Swift's group yell fest:

    9. Ansel Elgort's shirtless yelp:

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    Scream level: 4

    Scream length: Long but choppy.

    More info: He's not screaming as much as he is moaning, but he's doing it shirtless and he runs away so quickly that he deserves credit.

    8. Vanessa Hudgens' giggling wail:

    7. Iggy Azalea's shriek:

    6. Lena Dunham's exhuberant screech:

    5. Lebron James' man howl:

    4. Shakira and Gerard Pique's double whammy:

    Scream level: 5 for her, 9 for him

    Scream length: A combined long time

    More info: Shakira showed Gerard who is boss.

    3. Britney Spears' reserved yell:

    2. Oprah's murderous cry:

    Scream level: 15

    Scream length: Very long

    More info: THE WATER ACTUALLY HAD 10,000,000 KNIVES IN IT.

    1. And finally, Ramona Singer and this yell:

    Scream level: Infinite

    Scream length: Too short

    More info: Bless this video. Bless Ramona. Bless us all.