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That Hot Dude Sitting Next To Kevin Spacey At The Emmys Is Evan Of Pop Band Evan And Jaron

Now you know.

Tonight at the Emmys there was one very important question on everybody's mind: WHO DAT HOT DUDE WITH THE BIG HAT SITTING NEXT TO KEVIN SPACEY?


We needed to find out.

Upon zooming in slightly on his face, it turns out that it's Evan Lowenstein, of the band Evan and Jaron.

YES, the Evan of Evan and Jaron (the band) that sang "Crazy For This Girl." The hottest song of the year 2000.

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Turns out that he's a talent manager now, and he's Kevin Spacey's manager.

And he's still hot!

So now you know who the dude in the hat is.

Tell all your friends! Bye!