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    41 Reasons To Be Thankful For Leonardo DiCaprio Today

    Today is the 40th anniversary of this man's birth. So here are 41 reasons (plus one for good luck) that we are #blessed to have him.

    1. Let us begin with a young Leo. We should be grateful for his flared nostrils and shaggy hair.

    2. The way he looks after a pillow fight.

    3. And for his keen sense of fashion trends.

    4. For how he concentrates so deeply when he's sipping through straws.

    5. And how he stayed committed to that concentration for so many years.

    6. And nothing could break that concentration, not even the very first appearance of a man bun.

    7. He's just that focused. And for that, we should be grateful.

    8. We should be thankful for his lax style.

    9. And the endearing way he wears socks with sandals.

    10. We should be thankful for how humble he is.

    11. But also for how adventurous he can be.

    12. And how powerful he is when he hovers above the sea.

    13. We should be thankful for how he scoots around.

    14. No matter what the vehicle is.

    15. And how sometimes he exerts his own energy, and that's something.

    16. And of course, we should be thankful that safety is always a No. 1 priority for him.

    17. Because obviously this is an important human and he needs to be protected and kept secure.

    18. And we should also be thankful for how often he enjoys lying on his side just like Rose.

    19. We should be thankful for how the sun hits his face so perfectly it's like magic hour was made for him.

    20. And for the presence of this tea cup near his mouth.

    21. We should be thankful for the reincarnation of the man bun.

    22. And its revolutionary existence.

    23. And also for how he flexes, because it's an important moment to savor.

    24. Today, we are thankful for the way Leo uses a Blackberry.

    25. And his truly amazing dance moves.

    26. And also his amazing fort-building capabilities.

    27. We should be thankful for the fact that headbands were invented just to push back his luscious locks.

    28. The locks that once ran free.

    29. But are more often found being styled to perfection.

    30. Like beautiful gelled thin spaghetti angels.

    31. And each hair is in its perfect little place.

    32. Sometimes they peak out from under his hat and are like, "Hi mom!"

    33. But mostly his hairs are like something you'd only find in a fairy tale.

    34. And we need to be thankful for that.

    35. We should also be thankful for his face.

    36. And his eyes.

    37. And the back of his head.

    38. And the way he manages to look THE dapperest Dan on every red carpet.

    39. And he's Leonardo DiCaprio.

    40. So obviously we should be saying a thankful prayer every morning.

    41. Because we were graced with his presence on this Earth.